ABC Scorpion II

Status : private collection on loan. Exhibited at the workshop.
ABC Motors Ltd was founded in 1912 to produce aircrafts engines. After WWI, it diversified into the motor industry and produced engines for cars as well as manufacturing motorcycles and light motor-cars.
In 1923, a flat twin engine was manufactured for the English Electric Wren that competed in the Lympne Light Aeroplane Trials.

A potential market was foreseen and the Scorpion flat-twin air-cooled engine, a much redesigned car engine, was developed and certified in July 1926.

Scorpion II characteristics :         
Performances :
2 cylinders horizontally opposed air-cooled Normal speed : 2300 rpm
Bore : 102 mm Maximum speed:2750 rpm
Stroke : 91,44mm Power : 34 hp
Total weight : 109 lb
Many aircrafts were powered with ABC Scorpion II, amongst which:
The Leyat Helica car 
     ABC Robin,
     BAC Drone,
     de Havilland DH-53 Hummingbird,
     Hawker Cygnet,
     Hendy Hobo,
     Luton LA-4 Minor,
     Mignet HM-14 Flying Flea  
     and the wonderful Leyat Helica car ! 
The Leyat Helica car