AVA 4A-00

Status : private collection on loan. Exhibited at the workshop.
Marcel Violet was a famous French racing car pilot before and after WW One. He designed his own cyclecars and two stroke air cooled engines to powered them. His company Sima-Violet produced both at Courbevoie between 1924 and 1929.

Also interested by aviation and, with the advent of the Mignet HM-14 Flying Flea, he designed a two stroke double flat twin engine.  

This engine was perfect and many light aircrafts that appeared with the amateur builder movement were fitted with it.

Many engines hidden during WWII were used to power more modern aircrafts.

AVA engine powering the Tipsy S “OO-TIP”
Aircraft powered with an AVA engine:
AVA engine powering the Tipsy S “OO-TIP”

Dart Pup
Mignet HM-14 Pou du Ciel
Dart Kitten
Sfan 2
Druine D-30 turbulent
Starck AS90 New Look
Farman F451 Moustique         
Tipsy S
Jodel D-98 Bébé
AVA engine powering the Tipsy S “OO-TIP”
AVA 4A-00 characteristics :                       
Performances :
2 stroke flat 4 cyllindres Power : 25 hp
Bore : 70 mm
Stroke : 70 mm
Capacity : 1080 cm³  
Total weight : 35 kg