Croses Airplume

Characteristics :                       
Performances :
Length : 4,7m Cruising speed : 290km/h
Wingspan : 7,8m Maximum Speed : 70 km/h
Empty weight : 110kg Ceiling : 3660m
Height : 1,8m  
Wing area : 16.0 m2  
The Croses “Airplume”, designed by Yves Croses, is an ULM evolution of the famous Flying Flea. It is a tandem 2 seat machine, with a fiberglass fuselage, originally sold as a kit. The “Airplume” first flew in the sixties and was developed in 3 different versions (EC-1 to EC-3).

Picture taken in 2004 at Villeneuve-sur-Lot by Michel Jacquet.
The Croses “Airplume” stored in our workshop is unidentified as no construction number has been found. This “Airplume” was abandoned for many years at Liernu before being given to BAPA in February 2014. It is virtually complete with only a damaged tire that need repair.