Aubier & Dunne "Channel"

Georges Aubier and his son-in-law John Dunne founded the company that bore their names in 1921 at Saint-Amand-les-Eaux in the north of France. Their company mainly produced small two stroke engines for motorcycles.

When Henri Mignet met them at a Paris car show, he convinced them to develop an engine for his HM-14 Flying Flea.

This engine of 540cc, called the Aubier-Dunne “pour Avions légers et pou du ciel”, was soon adopted by many light aircrafts homebuider.
The Leyat Helica car 
Henri Mignet was invited by the Daily Express newspaper to demonstrate his Flying Flea in England during august 1935.

Following the good performances displayed by the Aubier-Dunne engine, it was renamed «Channel».

A three cylinders version, called the «Jaguar», was also manufactured
(810 cm3, 27 hp, 53 kg).

"Channel" characteristics :                       
Performances :
2 stroke two cylinders in line engine Power : 20 hp at 1600 rpm
Bore : 70 mm
Stroke : 70 mm
Displacement : 540 cm³
Total weight : 38,5 kg  
Aircraft powered with an Aubier-Dunne:
Brochet MB-50 Pipistrelle,
Mignet HM-14,
Tipsy S

The Leyat Helica car