Aubier & Dunne "Channel"

Georges Aubier and his son-in-law John Dunne founded the company that bore their names in 1921 at Saint-Amand-les-Eaux in the north of France. Their company mainly produced small two stroke engines for motorcycles.

When Henri Mignet met them at a Paris car show, he convinced them to develop an engine for his HM-14 Flying Flea.

This engine of 540cc, called the Aubier-Dunne “pour Avions légers et pou du ciel”, was soon adopted by many light aircrafts homebuider.
Henry Mignet and his Pou du Ciel powered by Aubier&Dunne
Henri Mignet was invited by the Daily Express newspaper to demonstrate his Flying Flea in England during august 1935.

Following the good performances displayed by the Aubier-Dunne engine, it was renamed «Channel».

A three cylinders version, called the «Jaguar», was also manufactured
(810 cm3, 27 hp, 53 kg).

"Channel" characteristics :                       
Performances :
2 stroke two cylinders in line engine Power : 20 hp at 1600 rpm
Bore : 70 mm
Stroke : 70 mm
Displacement : 540 cm³
Total weight : 38,5 kg  
Aircraft powered with an Aubier-Dunne:
Brochet MB-50 Pipistrelle,
Mignet HM-14,
Tipsy S

Aubier&Dunne on the HM-290 OO-04 restored in the workshop