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Aviasud Albatros AE209

Aviasud was founded end 1981 by two belgians engineers : François Goethals and Bernard d’Otreppe, both experimented pilots. 

Based at Frejus in the south of France, their first productions of ultralights were the single seater Sirocco in 1982 and the twoseater biplane Mistral in 1985. 

They won many international competitions and world records and many examples were built. Following these successes, the Albatros was designed in 1991 ; first as a single seater used by Bernard d’Otreppe on which he won several world records again. 

Although its development was lenghty, it was an extremely well conceived flying machine with clever solutions. 

First fitted with a tailwheel, a tricycle version was soon proposed. 
When Aviasud went bankruptcy, the production continued in Poland. 
AE 209 characteristics :                
Performances :
Length : 7,36m Cruising speed : 140 km/h
Wingspan :  9,70 m
Minimum speed : 64 km/h
Wing area : 15,5 m²
Wing Profil : NACA 63018        
VNE : 185 km/h
Weight : Empty : 230 kg
             Max : 450 kg
Rate of climb : 4,20 m/sec.
Height : 2,19m

Width: 2,47 m  
Powerplant : Rotax 503 50 cv or 582 65cv
Fuel Tank capacity : 60 l
B .A.P.A. example : nr 8 built in 1992 and registered 59-LI on 31/8/1993. 

Fitted with a Rotax 582, it was based at Liernu where Michel Baudrux give it to us in august 2016.