Aviasud Sirocco

Aviasud Engineering was founded in France during 1981 by the belgians François Goethals and Bernard d’Otreppe to produce the « Libellule » ultralight designed by Michel Broc. 

Soon after, they designed the very similar ultralight “ Sirocco”, first named “ Libellule M2” that first flew on july 26 1982. 

In 1983, the Sirocco received the “outstanding design price” at Oshkosh and from september 1984 to march 1987, Patrice Franceschi flew one in a circumnavigation of the earth. 

With the appearance of the next Aviasud product, the biplane Mistral, the Sirocco production was transferred to Aeriane in Belgium during 1989. Total production is around 200 examples and it is still produced by ACLA in Nederland since 2007.
SIROCCO characteristics :           
Performances :
Length : 5,80 m Powerplant : Rotax 277 28cv
Wingspan : 10 m
Max. level speed : 120 km/h
Empty weight : 105 kg Max Cruising speed : 95 km/h
Max weight : 209 kg
Stalling speed : 40 km/h
Height : 2,5 m Ceiling : 3000 m
Total Wing Area : 14 m² Rate of climb : 210m/min.
Wing Profile : NTK 7315  
B.A.P.A example is n°16 registered OO-763 and given to our association by Benoït Mazy thanks the information forwarded by Manu Godfroid. It is complete and stored dismantled at the workshop.