Bölkow Phoebus

The Phoebus was designed at a time when glider manufacturers were moving away from all-wood aircraft towards composite structure.

It is a glass fibre competition sailplane in the Standard class produced in Germany mid-sixties. More than 250 were built, achieving successes at many national contests.

It was later called MBB Phoebus when Bölkow merged with Messerschmidt and Blohm.
Phoebus OO-ZCQ MBB at Froidchapelle Airfield during 2004 
Phoebus characteristics :                 
Performances :
Length : 7,1 m Stall speed : 60 km/h
Wingspan : 15 m Maximum Speed : 200 km/h
Wing area : 13,16 m² Max Take-off weight: 350 kg
Empty weight : 210kg  
Aspect ratio : 17,1  
Airfoil : Eppler 403  
The examplar exposed at the workshop was given by the CNVV of Temploux, it is complete, except the instruments. 

This glider is identified as n° 787 built during 1967 and first registered in Belgium as OO-ZDX on 6/2/1990.