F.N. AL.2

Status : complete, exhibited at the workshop, private collection on loan.
The Fabrique Nationale of Herstal had a famous department of motorcycles before and after WWII which also developed their owns engines. 

An aircraft engines department was created early fifties to built the engines that powered the new jets of the Belgian Air Force and this was the start of a new venture in the FN history. 

In january 1959, this department suggested at the belgian aeronautical technical services ( SMV) to study a small engine of low power for light aircrafts. 
Tipsy Nipper powered by a FN AL2
The SMV suggested to contact Avions Fairey at Gosselies because they needed such an engine to power their Tipsy Nipper.
The collaboration was fruitful and first test flights were done in october 1960. 

A small serie of prototypes was realised for trial runs and the engine was certified CAR 13 in august 1962. 
Characteristics :                       

2 cylinders hor. opposed, 4 strokes Lenght : 395 mm
Bore : 105 mm Height : 600 mm
Stroke : 90 mm Width : 800 mm
Capacity : 1558 cm³ Weight : 57 kg
Fuel : 80 octanes Max power : 46 hp at 2800 rpm
Carburetor : Weber DCOE8 n°1 Cr. power : 30 hp at 2550 rpm
Fuel Pump : Guiot type L2 Compression ratio : 7,8
Magneto : Marelli  
Plugs : Lodge 14mm HLNP  
Unfortunately, Avions Fairey had to produce the F-104G Starfighter and the Nipper production was sold to a new company. Some vibrations problems had yet to be resolved and the foreseen market was not so promising so, in may 1963, FN decided to postponed indefinitively the AL.2 and its four cylinders version AL.4.

The B.A.P.A. example was saved from scrap by a collector who sold it to one of our member.