How can you help us

The purpose of BAPA is to preserve our aeronautical heritage. All our activities are performed by volunteers and financed by sponsors. This is why your help is so important.

                       - You can donate tools, aircrafts or aircraft components, aviation related pictures and documents 
                       - You can allow us to copy and publish pictures & documents relating to aviation. 
                       - You can become sponsor or member. 

Nothing will be lost or destroyed 
BAPA is a non-profit organization created by aviation fans and  restorers who together represent more than hundred years of accumulated aircraft restoration experience.  
We just preserve artifacts for the next generations from the smallest instrument to a WWII warbird. If a piece is not immediatly use for on-going restorations. It will be preserved for further use. 
If you own, or happen to know someone who owns, aircraft artifacts (up to and including whole aircrafts), tools, instruments, documents, logs, that you want to preserve for future generations, we can guarantee you their preservation. 

Historical enrichment
All artifacts have an hitory. The knowledge of its hitory can help us to restore an artifact and enrich its display. 
This is why we need to collect many informations. You can help us by providing pictures and documents or by allowing the use and diffusion of your documents. 

You can contribute with a donation
You can become a member of our association. The annual membership fee is 25 €. 
You can become a sponsor for the workshop and all of our projects for more details
The B25 project is supported by King Baudouin Fondation. All payments higher than 40 euros allow to enjoy of a tax deduction. Any money paid to the KBF shall be exclusively used  for the project B25. Structured communication "128/2714/00065" is required for acceptance of payment.