Scheibe MU-13E Bergfalke

The MU-13 is a german glider produced in several versions by Akaflieg München before WWII.

After War, it was redesigned by Egon Scheibe and produced in a new workshop at the Munich-Riem airport. First flown on 5 august 1951, it is a mid-wing glider of conventional design with a welded steel fuselage structure and a wooden wing.

More than 250 of this model were produced.
MU-13E characteristics :                       
Performances :
Twoseater Max. take-off Weight: 440 kg
Length : 8m
Stall speed : 60 km/h
Wingspan : 16,6m
Max. speed: 160 km/h
Wing area : front: 17,7 m²      Aerotow speed: 120 km/h
Aspect ratio : 15,6
Terminal Velocity : 205 km/h
Empty weight : 246 kg G limits : +4  -2
B.A.P.A. examplar : nr 8 built in 1953. First registered in Belgium as OO-ZLM on 24 april 1973.

Was part of Guy Englebert collection and given by his friend André Dillien during 2013.

Status : complete, in good conditions, stored at the workshop.