Turboméca Marboré II
The Marboré was a small turbojet engine produced by the French company Turboméca under the direction of Joseph Szydlowsky. Originating from an Air Ministry contract for an auxiliary turbine, a range of low-power, small-sized, reactors will be developed. These will first equip the Castel-Mauboussin gliders, built by Fouga. Towards the end of 1950, the Marboré is available and will be used to power the Fouga CM-8.8R Gémeaux II. The Marboré model I will also be used in the Leduc 016, as an auxiliary jet engine. The Marboré model II, more powerful, first equips the Gemini III before being installed in the CM-170R Magister. The Fouga Magister will be a success: 929 will be built and used by several Air Forces, including the Belgian Air Force. The Marboré will equip other aircraft such as the Morane-Saulnier MS-760 « Paris » and the Hispano HA-200 Saeta. A more powerful version (version VI) will also be widely used.  
The Marboré of the BAPA  
Our association received two Marboré from the Condorcet School (ex Université du Travail) where they were used for didactic purposes. Their conception being now too outdated, they were given to our association. One of the Marboré is complete, the second is a cutaway that was used to explain the operation of a jet engine.  
The two Marboré are on display at the workshop.