The OO-504 registered ultralight was at first a Butterfly. 
It was modified with a completely new wooden fuselage by Michel Rocourt hence the name ROMIBUTTER. 
Keeping the Butterfly wings and tail, it was registered again OO-504 on 3/2/1987. 

The new engine fitted is a Rotax 277 driven first a 2-blades wooden propeller, then a 3-blades fiber propeller. 

At its first RSA Rally held at Brienne-le-Ch√Ęteau in 1987, it won the Coupe Allard du souvenir Henri Mignet and flew to many airshows during its flying life. 

It is a unique ultralight and one of the oldest preserved belgian ultralight. 

Its concept inspired the french Bifly from Lascaud who even used it for his first advertisements ! 

Romibutter characteristics :                       

Length : 3,39m
Wingspan :  front:  6,19m
                   rear:  4,36 m

Empty weight : 150 kg  
Height : 1,6m
 Status : private collection on loan. Dismantled at the workshop.