Jacobs L4-MB ( R-755)

Status : private collection on loan. Exhibited at the workshop.
Jacobs Aircraft Engine Company was established in Pennsylvania and was specialized in radial piston engines.

The model L4 appeared in 1934 and was used on numerous aircrafts. During WWII, its military version R-755 powered mainly trainers and light transport aircrafts like the Stearman and the Bobcat.

More powerful enlarged version were fitted on the Morane Saulnier MS-505 Criquet and thee Canadian built Avro Anson II.

L4-MB (R-755) characteristics :     
Performances :
7 cylinders radial piston engine Power : 225 hp / 2000 rpm
Bore : 133 mm Fuel consumption per hp/hour : 23gr
Stroke : 127 mm Oil comsumption per hp/hour : 16gr
Capacity: 12,4 L  
Total weight : 160 kg  
Length : 690 mm   Diam├Ęter: 630 mm  
Aircraft powered with a Walter 120:

Aero A-134
Praga BH-39
Avia B-122
Rogozarski Fizir FN
Breda BA-26
Junkers K16bo
Letov S-218
OO-35 Cerfontaine 28-9-2010