Salmson 9 ADb

Status : private collection exhibited at owner‘ house.
After their production of water-cooled radial engines during WW1, Salmson decided to adopt air-cooling to reduce weight and increase specific power. 

Between the two world wars, they produced a vast variety of radial engines of 5, 7 or 9 cylinders that met great success and were fitted on many aicrafts.
The Salmson radial air-cooled engines featured the Canton-Unné internal arrangment that dispensed with a master rod in favour of a cage of epicyclic gears driving the crankpin. 

Characteristics :     
Performances :
9 cylinders single row air-cooled radial Power : 40 hp / 2000 rpm
Bore : 70 mm
Stroke : 86 mm
Displacement: 2979 cm³  
Total weight : 75 kg  
Length : 690 mm   Diamèter: 630 mm  
Aircraft powered with a Salmson 9ADb:
Boulton and Paul P.41 Phoenix                                   

Klemm 25

Pou du Cliel

Peyret Mauboussin 11

OO-35 Cerfontaine 28-9-2010