Tipsy Nipper T.66 Mk I/III 

The Nipper is the last production model of the Tipsy light aircrafts designed by Ernest-Oscar Tips, manager of the Belgian Fairey plant at Gosselies. Its development was a long term project because the production of Belgian Air Force fighters had priority. 

The concept was to propose an aircraft that could be built and flown by any pilot. First designed with a folding wing and folding rear fuselage, it comes to light without these characteristics but was nevertheless the smallest aircraft in the world at the time. 

Appropriately registered OO-NIP, it first flew on 3/12/1957 in the hands of Bernard Neefs, Avions Fairey test pilot. The production was launched in two versions : complete in flying condition or as a complete kit for assembly by an amateur pilot. 

When Avions Fairey started production of the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter in 1962, the Tipsy Nipper building rights and stock were sold to Cobelavia, a new company specially set up for Nipper production. 

Today, many Nippers are still flying and it continues to be chosen by homebuilders. 
characteristics :        
Performances :
Length : 4.5 m Cruising speed : 150 km/h
Wingspan :  6 m
Max. speed : 160 km/h
Wing area : 7.5 m²     
Ceiling : 3300 m
Weight : Empty : 187 kg
             All-up : 300 kg
Range : 320 km
Height : 1.9 m

Powerplant : VW 1600cc 45hp
B.A.P.A’s Nipper is nr 7 built as a Mk1 by Avions Fairey and registered OO-NIG on 17 april 1959. 

This registration was cancelled on 23/8/1962, the aircraft was sold to  France and registered F-PKVC in the homebuilt class. Badly damaged on 17/3/1969, it was restored to flying condition in 1982 with a VW 1600cc engine. The last change of registration was on 19/11/2007 when it was registered 89-VC in the ultralight class. It is the third-oldest surviving Nipper and the oldest in Belgium. 
It is currently stored at the owner’s house and needs a small inspection before returning to the skies.