Ultralight Concept SV4-RS

Ask a pilot or spotter to name a belgian built aircraft and he will probaby reply : Stampe & Vertongen SV-4 ! This all wooden biplane is the most built belgian aicraft and probably the only one known worldwide. 

The Stampe’s excellent flying and simple maintenance characteristics are the main reasons of its success and it is still very popular with pilots and at airshows. Unfortunately, the cost of operating and maintenance of this old biplane are out of reach of the common pilot and the dream of owing a Stampe often does not realize. 

Fortunately, since a few years, the desire to operate vintage-look aircrafts in the ultralight world has generated various companies which developped as close as possible replicas of famous vintage models. 

Former Belgian Army Aviation Raoul Severin had an experience by producing some kits of Platzer Kiebitz biplane. This ultralight entirely made of aluminium tubes familiarise him with this kind of construction and, after purchasing the whole set of SV-4C drawings, he developed the SV4-RS. 

The success of this new kind of Stampe is that he really look like a real one being at full scale, weight nearly half of the original and perform better with a low powerful engine. So, what else better? 
SV4-RS characteristics :           
Performances :
Length : 6,40 m Powerplant : Walter Mikron IIIC 82cv
Wingspan : 8,40 m
                   Rotax 912U 80 or 100cv
Empty weight : 295 kg                    D-Motor 92 or 100cv
Max weight : 472,50 kg
Cruising speed : 140 km/h
Height : 2,7 m Max. speed : 190 km/h
Total Wing Area : 18,06 m² Stalling speed : 54 km/h
Wing Profile : NTK 7315
B.A.P.A’s example is the second tests airframe that survived many heavy loads and was no more useful. We intend to complete it structurally without covering to show and explain this construction. 

We are very proud to have received this prototype and thanks for his gift and his help.