Walter NZ 120

Status : private collection on loan. Exhibited at the workshop.
Walter was a famous Czechoslovakian company established at Jinonice near Praha. They manufactured cars and aircraft engines of their own design and under license.

When Yugoslavia decided to create an aeronautical industry, Svetozar Vlajkovic set up a factory at Rakovitza near Belgrade.

He started the production of aircraft engine under license when Walter bought 51% of his company in 1927.

The first model manufactured was the NZ-120 and 230 were produced from 1928 till 1934. This engine of low power was mainly used on military trainers and private aircrafts.

NZ-120 characteristics :                       
Performances :
9 cylinders radial piston engine Number of revolutions : 1550 rpm
Bore : 105 mm Fuel consumption per hp/hour : 23gr
Stroke : 120 mm Oil comsumption per hp/hour : 16gr
Power : 120 hp  
Total weight : 160 kg  
Aircraft powered with a Walter 120:

Aero A-134
Praga BH-39
Avia B-122
Rogozarski Fizir FN
Breda BA-26
Junkers K16bo
Letov S-218
Engine Clerget 9B on Sopwith Camel (