North American B-25 J Project 

It consists of a static restoration. Given the original condition of the wreck, a refit would require a complete reconstruction of the aircraft. The purpose of this restoration is to provide a reconstruction as accurate as possible of a bomber of the  World War II.
A workshop is a place where you will find lots of tools, but also humanity.
2005- Discovery of B-25 in UK
The B-25 remained stored in a hangar in Belgium the time to find a workshop allowing the restoration in good conditions
2006 - B-25 Back to Belgium
Sandblasting was carried out by a specialized company. This operation took place in December 2009 with intense cold. This operation was essential to limit corrosion of the wreck. Some grimmer parts have been damaged by sandblasting.
2009 - Sandblasting and protective paint
2013 - Arrival in the new workshop BAPA in Gembloulx
2013 - Forward fuselage restoration
The restoration is a success. The nose gear seems new. This gear is exposed on a support waiting to be put back in its hold.
2013 - Nose Gear Restoration
The window frames of the bombardier’s compartment have been repaired.

Many components had to be removed to allow full access
2014 - Main Gear Restoration (left part)
2014 - Purchase of the engines
August 2014 - 2 Engines Wright 2600 come from Ireland
2015 - Purchase of the radio equipement
December 2015. Painting of the bombardier's compartment ...
This gear is exposed on a support waiting to be put back in its hold.
March 2016 Replacement of windows of the bombardier’s compartment
Installation is really painfull. We can feel that this bomber is very narrow
2016 - restoration of  many equipments and devices of the main gear a backdrop for the short film Airmen (2016)
This restoration begins with the donation of a carcass of a machine gun .50 early 2017
Spring 2017 Restoration of the stearing ball of the front gunner 
Spring 2017 new parts are manufactured
Some parts are missing or to damaged to be repaired
July 2017 construction of a new dolly
This new Dolly was essential to move the B-25 to BMVT meeeting in Lantin
Summer 2017 Sheet metal work and painting of B-25
Autumn 2017 design and manufacture of replica of the machine gun Browning .50 
Automn 2017 restoration of hydraulic circuits 
2018 Restoration of nose Gear Bay
February 2018 construction of a new dolly for de backward fuselage
January 2018 dismantling and restoration of hydraulic devices and pipes