Slingsby T-38 Grasshopper Project 

This is a semi-static restoration. This aircraft will be used to make discover the basic principles of aviation and the moving parts controls of an aircraft. It will be fully operational and placed on his tripod but will not fly again to avoid any damage.
This donation is made by Andre Dillien
2013 - Donation of 2 exemplars of T-38 Grashopper 
Spring 2014 - Cleaning and restoration of wings
Spring 2015 - Cleaning of the elevator and ailerons and new varnishing
These parts were in good condition and did not require a lot of work
In the beginning, the both of wings were dirty but seems to be in quite good condition. It was a mistake.
2015 - Restoration of the stabilizer
This part was in relatively good condition but the cleaning required complete disassembly of the stabilizer. In addition the central structure was rotten and had to be completely rebuilt. All gussets have been replaced. The new gussets were laser cut.
2015 - replacement of all gussets of wings
Complete disassembly of the stabilizer was long and tedious, but with this, more than 80% of the parts could be saved.
This work allows deep cleaning of the wings.
The wood of the main structure was completely rotten. Insect nests have been found in the voids of the structure. The rudder has been completely dismantled and its structure has been rebuilt. Only 25% of the parts could be reused.
Spring and summer 2016 - Restoration of the rudder
2016 - Reconstruction of damaged wing ribs
This part of the fuselage was very dirty. Partial disassembly was required to remove insect nests and clean the wood. Finally the fuselage was in good condition, only a few gussets and a layer of delaminated wood had to be replaced. 
Autumn 2016 Restoration of the rear fuselage
Once the ribs have been repaired, the trailing edges have been replaced
Winter 2016-2017 restoration of cables, metal parts and accessories
2017 - Repair of the leading edge and fastenings of wing ribs
This part of the fuselage only requires a cleaning of the wood. The two parts of the fuselage are assembled and varnished. Cables, metal parts and accessories are reassembled.
2017 -  Restoration of the front fuselage
August 2017 - First assembly of the wings with the fuselage
This first assembly makes it possible to identify the location of certain parts. It also makes it possible to check if the restoration and the rectification of the wings did not modify the positions of the points of attachment.
Autumn 2017 - varniching of the wings
August 2017 - Autumn 2017 assembly of fuselage with rudder, stbilizer and elevator
The next steps are the finalization of wing repair. The installation of cables and pulleys in the wings, make a second assembly to check the connection between the ailefons and the stick. Finally, the fabric covering can begin. The end of the restoration is scheduled for the end of 2018.
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