Zundapp Z9-092

Z9-092 characteristics :                       

4 cylinders inline
Bore : 85 mm
Stroke : 88 mm
Power : 52 hp  
Total weight : 60 kg  
Displacement : 2 liters  
Status : private collection at owner's home.
Zundapp Z9-092 at Technikmuseum 
Zundapp was a famous german motorcycle manufacturer that produced only one aircraft engine late thirties.

The Z9-092 was a low powered four cylinders inline engine that was fitted on trainers and liaison aircrafts used by the Lutwaffe during WWII.

The French light aircraft builder René Leduc used it on his RL-16 and beat a world altitude record in the category of small aircraft under 500kg with 2 liters of displacement on 13 june 1949.

Aircraft powered with a Zundapp Z9-092
Brunswick LF-1 Zaunkönig         
Leduc RL-16
Bücker Bu-180 Student
Siebel Si-202B Hummel
Fieseler Fi-253

Gotha Go-150

Klemm Kl-105
Zundapp DTM at Berlin in 2010